Brexit – The Sequel (Brexit Poem II)


Am Mittwoch den 29. März, hat Großbritanniens Premierministerin Theresa May  das Brexit- Gesuch bei der EU eingereicht und so Artikel 50 getriggert. Die Briten haben im Juni 2016 mit 52 Prozent für den Austritt aus der Europäischen Union gestimmt. Neun Monate später wird damit der erste Schritt des Brexits vollzogen. Dass ein Staat die EU verlässt, hat es bisher noch nicht gegeben. An dieser Stelle daher mein Gedicht „Brexit – The Sequel“.

On Wednesday, 30 March, British PM Theresa May will trigger Article 50 – The first step of the Brexit. Austrian MEP Eugen Freund answers with another poem.




BREXIT – The Sequel


There is no doubt, it will begin

The UK – EU bargenin`

So now, in two years, be it three

Great Britain finally will free

itself from eating mussels

in (what’s it called?) Sure – here in Brussels.

David has left, for him came May

And what, for gods sake, did she say:

Here I present my Friend, the Boris

We say: O tempora o mores

He’s the one who changed his mind

on Brexit like no other kind.

Of course, there were so many liars

They handed out a million fliers

stored thousands more in a garage

whose owner was Nigel Farage.

He tricked them all – exaggerated,

the airwaves were all saturated

with news that were, well, really fake

although there was so much at stake!

The worst lie was – it did not matter

That health service will get much better

Come Brexit and we`ll save much money

Free for us all: both milk and honey!

Nigel had won, Europe had lost

It will us dearly, dearly cost:

Instead of ending on a dump

Farage shook hands with Donald Trump,

“We put on a fantastic show

of falsehoods, learning on the go.“

„Like me“ the Donald thought and smiled

(he has the USA defiled)

“What can I learn from you, my friend

how can we, let`s say, NATO end

and don`t forget, we should be looting

more servers – I`ll call Putin!”

Farage looked up: this room is bugged.

Trump told him so – and still they hugged.

Meanwhile in Europe, since that day

The Union is in disarray

It took them decades to combine

the member states – it looked just fine

Now they will break up U-K treaties

like pieces in a box of Wheaties.

And what with all the Czechs and Poles

who work in Britain, sleep in holes.

Will they forever have to go

quite fast or relatively slow?

And where will all the pensioners live

Will France or Spain a house them give?

And what with Vauxhall and with Ford?

So many issues, oh my Lord!

In two years we will know much more

it should be clear what`s in the store

with great regret we`ll say  to you

 Good bye – your European zoo.

Copyright © 2019 Eugen Freund.